Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked about our Flat Fee MLS listing service. If you don't see the answer you're looking for please call us or submit a question.

NO! You will never pay a penny until your home is sold.
There are no processing fees, and we will never ask for your credit card.

YES! You can make unlimited changes to your listing and photos at no additional charge. Just contact your assigned agent and they will gladly update your listing for you.

YES! Your assigned agent will review your offers and assist with negotiations of the sale of your home on your behalf, unless otherwise requested. Just like a full service real estate agent, but without the additional cost.
 If you do not want to negotiate with a buyer or their agent, just tell them to contact your assigned agent, or get their information and your agent will gladly contact them directly.

YES! Your assigned agent will provide and review all contracts needed for the sale of your home. Just like a full service real estate agent, but without the additional cost.

Your agent will recommend and coordinate any additional services required for a home sales transaction, such as your escrow and title services.

You don’t pay anything until or unless your home sells. Your flat fee will be listed as the listing agent fee and will be paid through escrow.

YES! You can cancel your listing at any time. There is fee to cancel your listing. Just notify your agent and they will cancel your MLS listing.

Check CDC Restrictions. Please Ask Us and Refer To:
▸ Current CDC Open House Guidance
▸ CDC Real Estate Guidance PDF

YES! In fact we encourage it.
 Let your assigned agent know so they can update your listing and announce your open house on the MLS.

With our commitment to provide the best possible real estate services at the lowest price, our agents are unable to be on site during your open house. You’ll need to host the open house on your own—but your agent will be happy to discuss tips for holding the open house and answer any questions to make sure your ready for the big day.

YES! Your listing will look exactly the same as every other MLS listing. Your assigned agent and listing broker’s name will appear on the MLS, not the Flat Fee Access name. There is no way to tell how much you paid to get on the MLS, or if your home was listed using a flat fee service.

An agent will look at the commission listed on the MLS that is offered to the “buyer agent” to determine what the commission will be. The flat fee you pay us to list your home will have no effect on the “buyer’s agent” commission.

Generally, we recommend 2.5% to 3% for most properties. The exception would be a very high-end property with a much larger dollar commission. If you offer less than 2.0%, you’ll likely hurt your chances of getting multiple or strong offers, and agents will be discouraged from showing your property. You’ll get the best exposure by offering a fair commission. And remember you’ll be saving thousands in seller agent commissions with our flat fee.

 This is the same MLS that all real estate agents use to list and locate properties. Agents will be able to search and find your home listing on the MLS. Agent and Buyers will be able to search and find your home on all syndicated MLS websites.

We provide MLS listings in all areas of Southern California.
We do not provide MLS listings in Northern California.
We do not currently work with MLS outside the state of California.

It’s up to you…
 You have several options. You can have buyers and real estate agents call you directly to make appointments, or you can have them call your assigned broker and let him/her coordinate with you.
 Your MLS listing will indicate contact and showing instructions. This can say “Call listing agent to arrange for showings” or “Call owner direct to arrange for showings” (listing your name and phone number). 
Real estate agents customarily call the owner before showing the home.

10 reasons to list on the MLS:

• Over 90% of all homes sold in the US are a result of being listed on the MLS
• All local real estate agents can find your home in their MLS database
• Buyers can find your home on thousands of public MLS websites
• Homes listed on the MLS sell faster than for-sale-by-owner (FSBO)
• Homes listed on the MLS sell for more money than FSBO
• The MLS lists the majority of properties that are listed “for sale”
• The MLS is directly responsible for about 4 of 5 sales nationwide
• Real estate agent use the MLS exclusively to locate property for their clients
• About 85% of homebuyers use a real estate agent to help them locate a property
• MLS provides access to over 600,000 California real estate agents

No. To list a property on the MLS, you must be represented by a real estate agent.

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