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$89 Flat Fee Listing | No Commissions | No Added Fees

Flat Fee Access is a unique brokerage founded by real estate professionals who understand how communication is evolving. Transforming the way agents and their clients connect, making virtual communication the new normal and allowing us to provide a full service real estate experience for a low flat fee.

Working With Our Flat Fee Listing Agents

Communication is easier than ever, allowing our flat fee agents and their support teams to work remotely and remain constantly connected. This makes collaboration with our flat fee agents easy, from simple phone conversations, to reviewing offers to creating digital contracts — allowing our agents to easily communicate and quickly respond to help move transactions along. Keeping everyone in the loop and able to consult on important decisions 24/7.


How Is Our Full Service, Flat Fee Listing Possible?

Gone are the days of agents and team members being tied to a desk, which allows Flat Fee Access to offer our clients a low flat fee listing and the ability to hire the most qualified agents, no matter where they’re located.

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